CommunityHero January2021

Photo shows Community Hero Sarah Stone (L) and her nominator, Joan Gonsalves (R).
Photo courtesy of North Star Reporter.

Sarah Stone was awarded the Community Hero award from ourselves, DANA, and Ashworth Awards. Sarah was nominated by Joan Gonsalves, a member of our community who recognized the hard work Ms. Stone has done growing from a small outreach program to students in need of weekend meals called Fuel For The Weekend, to a more encompassing 501c ¬†program called Our Open Umbrella. Ms. Stone recognized the need in our community for this kind of outreach and has done her due diligence to see those needs filled. She has met Covid head on with her team of volunteers, delivering meals to families this past year so as to help mitigate exposure during Covid. Her aspirations are to help feed and clothe those children in our community with dignity and respect, so they can feel proud, confident and equal to their peers. As a long-time member of our community myself, with no children in the school system it was a surprise as to how many families benefit from her and her team’s hard work. If people wish to donate money and/or time to Our Open Umbrella and learn more about this wonderful organization we encourage you to go to the website There you can find a link by clicking on donate to Amazon with a list of popular items requested from her program and purchase them, Amazon will then ship them directly to Our Open Umbrella. For monetary donations, please visit and for more information email her at Congratulations Sarah and Thank You for all you do for our community, a true Community Hero!

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